Helloooo Ladies, Gentlemen, Everything in Between and Everything Undefined! It’s your host with the MOST, “Supagreen Modul” Rohd Bozza coming to you from Studio C Bakunin,where anything goes from heads to toes!  Welcome my luvvies to Panorama, your main line feed for news and juicy gossip from throughout the Human Sphere.

Tonight my spies and little eyes are  focused on all the sensations and scandals we’ve been hearing about from Concilium Prima and oh baby, you are never gonna believe who and what’s been going down in the most exciting spot to be in the Human Sphere!

Heartbreaker and Lifetaker? There’s something about Nourkias. 

With the recent thawing of relations between humanity and the Combined Army a number of other “relations” appear to have come to light. Rumor has it that several of the leading ladies of the Human Sphere have exchanged more than friendly fire with one Kai’l Rank Umbra Nourkias, a VERY tall, VERY dark and apparently VERY handsome leading figure in the alien forces. 

Is it getting warm in here or is it just me?

Our source, notorious Rogue Interventor WiseKensai, says that this Combined Cassanova has seduced his way from Paradiso to Concillium leaving a trail of broken hearts and broken bodies in his wake. His current paramour is rumored to be leading O-12 Socialite and O-12 HIgh Commissioner Lady Numiria who is apparently head over heels in love with this Lethal Lothario. What this means for ongoing evacuation efforts on Concilium Prima is anyone’s guess but perhaps “Sleeping with the enemy” has taken on a whole new meaning? 

We reached out to Lady Numira however she was unavailable for comment, her rather exasperated “secretary” instead gave us this prepared statement:

“Nourkias is a very kind Umbra and under that cold exterior beats the heart, or hearts maybe, of a kind sensitive soul who just loves to get up close and personal with people. We shouldn’t let simple things like radically different physiology get in the way of true love! You can read all about it in my new book “ Betrayal: How the Sphere is Scared Of Change” available from all good Maya feeds and Ariadnian bookstores, whatever those are…”   

Lady Numiria: O-12 HIgh Commissioner

Don’t listen out for any wedding bells yet though, our source was keen to pour cold water on this budding romance by pointing out that Lady Numira is just the latest in a long string of apparent lovers this darkest of horses appears to have lead on. What’s more his choice of partner appears to follow an unsettling trend, WiseKensai has prepared this helpful infographic for our viewers.

As you can see our Deadly Mr Darcy appears to have certain requirements for his companions and who knows how long it will be until his crimson gaze begins to wander?

We considered reaching out to Umbra Nourkias for his side of the story however none of our reporters were willing to risk an interview on the grounds that our company Cube insurance policies wouldn’t cover it! 

We’’ll bring you the latest on this raucous romance as it develops.    

Fusilier Angus to Release Charity Single.

Noted PanOceanian personality and former guest judge on “Dancing with the Aristeia Stars!”  Fusilier Angus, is set to release a Charity Single “Sad Castles In The Sand” the proceeds of which will go towards hosting next years annual Montalbán Sandcastle Building Competition. 

This years competition ended prematurely due to “tectonic disturbances”, which this host hears were actually orchestrated by notorious Nomad pranksters “Pi-Man & Billie Jean” for their popular Arachne Comcast “Rempractical J0k3rz”. 

Fusilier Angus is no stranger to the music world having previously released a self produced Studio Album “My Scars Are My Strings” to moderate success. It included several top 100 hit singles including “I Left My Heart, And Part Of My Spleen, On Paradiso”“Lady in Red, I’m Bleeding Out On You” and the heart wrenching “You Were More Than A Monkey To Me” rumored to be about a former captor met during a train rescue.

While failing to set the Maya charts on fire Angus’s songs remain popular in Merovingia for reasons this host can’t fathom. 

Angus is currently appearing on promotional material for the Montalbán Board of Tourism.

It is hoped that funds generated from sales of the single will go towards improvements in sand quality and sand stabilizing adhesives. 

That’s all I have for you now my darlings, check in again soon for all the hottest gossip from the Human Sphere XXX