Welcome back to our series of articles where we break down the contested locations and their accompanying missions for Phase 2 of the Infinity Shattergrounds Online Campaign. We’re in the tail end of the campaign now and also into the last half of our Mission Briefings, let’s hope we can get them all finished before the campaign ends!

We’ll continue our mission briefings with Location 4: Maritime Traffic Control Center in Okolnir.

The role of a maritime traffic control center is similar to that of an air traffic control tower, but instead of being limited to an airport, it monitors an entire region or territory. Its function is to provide safety and efficiency for ship traffic, as well as to protect its surroundings and port facilities. This center must manage and respond to situations involving such traffic and it has various communications and tracking systems to identify every vessel that enters its area of operation. The strategic territorial control of a maritime traffic control center such as Okolnir makes it an important position for any force that hopes to establish its command in that area since it provides a source of intelligence and an early warning system in the event of an emergency

The control center for all the shipping in the Aegir Ocean. Being able to monitor and identify all sea traffic coming into and leaving the local ports is vital to the flow of trade and also a way to monitor for illegal shipping activity. 

PanOceania wants to ensure the flow of trade from the local ports and clampdown on illegal smuggling.

Ariadna wants to wrestle control of the control center to their local affiliates and very much wants to facilitate some Illegal Smuggling.

PanOceania starts in control of the area with Araidna 2nd and all other factions 3rd.

Mission Overview

The mission for this location is Mindwipe on page 12 of the Phase 2 PDF

A great mission where players must discover which of three servers holds the Rogue AI and then smash said server into little bits.

The main objective is to find and destroy the opponents server with the Rogue AI while protecting your own servers at all costs. The scoring for this mission is as follows. 

  • There are 3 Objective Points for  destroying the opponents server with the Rogue AI by the end of the game 
  • There are 2 Objective Points for destroying more servers than the opponent 
    • If you both destroy the same number of servers (at least 1) then you each get 1 Objective Point.
  • There are 2 Objective points if the server with your own Rogue AI is not destroyed.
    • If none of your Servers are destroyed you get 1 more Objective Point. 
  • 1 Objective Point is available for activating a Console 
  • There is 1 Classified Objective. 

To score maximum Objective Points in this mission you must;

  • Destroy the opponents Server with the Rogue AI
  • Have none of your Servers Destroyed 
  • Activate a Console 
  • Get the Classified Objective 

Each player has 3 Servers in their Deployment Zone labeled from left to right as A B & C.

In order to determine which server has the Rogue AI players have to Activate one of the two Consoles on the centerline of the table. 

  • Only a Specialist unit can activate a console and once a player activates a Console it cannot be activated by the other player. 
  • Luckily Players can only activate one Console each.
  • Once the Console is activated a D20 Roll will determine which of the opponents servers contains the Rogue AI.
  • Hackers get a +3 WIP bonus to Activate the Console and get two rolls when they do.

Destroying the Servers can only be done either in Close Combat by units with Anti-Material Weapons, D-Charges or by a Hacker with the special hacking  program Data Erasure.

  • Servers can only be attacked after the player has activated a Console and determined which one has the Rogue AI.
  • Servers also cannot be attacked during the first Game Round.
  • Servers cannot be repaired by Engineers however they are quite tough with ARM 4, BTS 6 and 2 STR.

The Data Erasure program is a special Hacking Program tied to the Data Pack held by THE ÜBERHACKER.

  • The ÜBERHACKER is a hacker designated by each player at the end of their deployment phase and has to be on the table as a model or marker.
  • The ÜBERHACKER gets an additional Irregular Order for themselves that can’t be changed into a regular order.
  • The Data Erasure program is a Burst 1 program limited to the ÜBERHACKER’s Zone of Control.
  • It  can only target an opponent’s server and each successful roll causes the Server to make two Saving Rolls against BTS, with Damage 17.
  • If the ÜBERHACKER goes into a null state they drop the Data Pack which can be picked up by an allied Hacker who becomes the new ÜBERHACKER. 
Always, they wanna be with you
And make believe with you
And live in harmony, harmony, oh love..

General Mission Tips

While you can only Activate one console per player, nothing is stopping you from preventing your opponent from Activating a console entirely and denying them the ability to score most of the Objective Points available. 

  • Going first, activating one console for yourself and then creating a defensive wall around the other Console is a viable tactic. 

The Data Erasure program can target any of the opponents servers, not just the one with the Rogue AI, so try to keep the ÜBERHACKER alive and active throughout the game.

Anti-Material Close Combat Weapons are those that have Double Action, T2 or Explosive traits but strangely not Armour Piercing or Monofilament traits.

Units like Ajax and Mc Murrough are Server destroying machines in this mission if they can get into Close Combat range.

Units with access to D-Charges or Anti-Material weapons are a must for this mission and any units who can Parachute or Combat Jump with those items will be very valuable. 

  • Examples include Tomcat Engineers, Rasyats, Ko-Dali, Crusader Brethren, Para-Comandos etc..

A Camouflaged Infiltrating Hacker can be the ÜBERHACKER in this mission so is a good choice if you have access to one, unsurprisingly Nomads have loads of options here.

Otherwise a Hacker with high WIP and who can fight their way to the opponents Servers and make the most of the extra Irregular Order is good. 

  • Any hacker who can be part of a link team can use the irregular order to move the link term with them for protection and efficiency.

An Asura makes the  UBERiest of ÜBERHACKERs  aso does someone like Jazz, The Anitimatic or Mary Problems.

Using the Reinforcements mod in this mission opens up the possibility of dropping in a team of units armed with Anti-Material weapons or D-Charges who can focus on destroying the Server with the Rogue AI as long as it’s been identified earlier in the game. 

Alternatively it can allow you to drop in a team of Specialists close to a Console that your opponent has sandbagged with defenses so that at least one of the reinforcement units can activate the console and find your opponent’s Rogue AI. 

My brain is about to be exploded and somehow I don’t care.

Special Campaign Rules

This mission has the following Campaign Special Rules AQUATIC ADVANTAGE & ARSENAL 

AQUATIC ADVANTAGE allows one unit with Terrain (Aquatic) AND one unit with Terrain (Total) to gain the Parachutist Special Skill.

  • If you have a unit with Anti-material weapons or D-Charges that doesn’t have the  Parachutist Skill but does have one of these Terrain Skills then you are in luck.
    • Examples would be Namurr for Haqqislam, Boarding Action Sheskin for Combined Army, Sukeul Commandos for Tohaa etc 
  • Terrain (Aquatic) is less common outside of a few factions but lots of factions have powerful units with Terrain (Total) who can take full advantage of walking on from a table edge next to the opponents deployment zone and making quick work of a Server.

ARSENAL means players ignore the Expendable Trait of any weapon or piece of Equipment of their Troopers.

  • Suddenly Pitchers, Pitchers EVERYWHERE.
  • This rule is huge for any units with Pitchers, Panzsefausts, Mines or any of the Perimeter weapons like Crazy Koalas or Madtraps.
  • If you want to stop your opponent from activating a console when why not bury it in a minefield?
  • What’s better than firing Burst 2 Panzerfausts from a link team? Doing this as many times as you like. 
  • The only bad thing about this rule is that you can’t fire unlimited Panzerfausts at the Servers to destroy them nor can you use the Data Erasure program through the multiple repeaters you’ll scatter over the board.
  • However you do now get unlimited D-Charges for your units just in case the usual 3 that each unit packs somehow aren’t enough to destroy the Servers in this mission. 

Faction Focus

Let’s take a look at the PanOceania and Ariadna units that will be of most use in this mission.


Let’s start with the bad news, Ariadna is not known for its access to Hackers…In fact in the main Faction roster your only hacker options are Wardrivers, RemRacers and Isobel Mcgregor all of whom are only AVA 1.

  • Wardrivers are decent if fragile Hackers given they have WIP 13, 0 ARM and 3 BTS. 
    • The main thing that they have going for them is that they have Sixth Sense meaning they won’t suffer the effects of Surprise Attack from the opponents camouflaged hackers and at least two of their options have Boarding Shotguns to make those camouflaged units sweat when thinking about attacking them.
    • Their 12 point Profile with access to the Zero Pain hacking program is a good defensive hacker since Zero Pain is Burst 2 in ARO, as long as you can stop them eating bullets they can be a good option for the ÜBERHACKER. 
  • The RemRacers hacker profile is just as fragile as the Wardriver except their BTS goes from 3 to 6 and they only get the standard Hacking Device with no frills.
    • They lose Sixth Sense for a Deployable Repeater which isn’t a great tradeoff given its use is limited in this mission. 
    • They also cost 21 points and 0.5 SWC and their RemRacer ability of giving a friendly Remote +1B doesn’t really help your only Remote with a weapon the Traktor Mul which much prefers to bombard the opponents with Guided munitions. 
  • Isobel Mcgregor is your bright spot in this lineup and makes a versatile ÜBERHACKER for this mission.
    • She’s got WIP 13 and ARM 2 but unfortunately 0 BTS so keep her out of confrontations with your opponent’s hackers if at all possible.
    • That’s not to say she is defenseless, far from it! 
    • She has a T2 rifle with BS 12 meaning in a firefight she can hold her own and can potentially eliminate even though units with the T2 Rifles trait of causing 2 wounds.  
    • For close in action has has an Assault Pistol who’s burst 4 is more than enough to take out most units.
    • She also has a Flash Pulse which is an often overlooked weapon that can be very powerful in the right circumstances.
    • She also has E/M Mines and D-Charges meaning she can disrupt and isolate units as she advances towards the opponents Servers and has a backup weapon to blow them up if needed. 
    • Isobel makes an ideal ÜBERHACKER and can definitely make use of the extra irregular order outside of just trying to erase the opponents Rogue AI.
  • If you are playing the Merovingian Sectorial you get access to one other hacking option in the form of an Alguacile hacker but other than being another hacker option that can join a Fireteam there’s unfortunately nothing special about them. 

Your units that can make use of the AQUATIC ADVANTAGE rule in this mission are much more interesting, in that unlike hackers you have loads of options. Let’s look at a few of them;

  • Minutemen have Terrain (Total) and are a very solid Heavy Infantry who generally pack at least one heavy weapon and at least one template weapon. 
    • The Missile launcher profile or the AP HMG profile with NCO are two units who can be used to take out a major threat easily provided you can walk them on to the table in the right location, ideally for an unexpected flank attack. 
  • Scots Guards are another tough unit with Terrain (Total) and have some solid profiles ideal for this mission.
    • They have a few profiles with Camouflage one of which has a Missile Launcher and another with an AP Spitfire which can really tear up opponents Heavy Infantry and TAGs in the ideal flanking range.
    • They also have a Camouflage profile with NCO, D-Charges and a Panzerfaust, both of which have unlimited ammo because of the ARSENAL rule in this mission.  
    • This is an ideal unit to make an attack on a Server or just start blasting units from the flank with AP-Exp DAM 14 Panzerfaust shots.  
  • Pavel Aleksei Mcmannus has Terrain (Total) and  is an ideal unit to parachute on next to the opponents Deployment Zone and make a quick dash to destroy a Server.
    • He has Camouflage, Mimetism (-3) a T2 Close Combat Weapon coupled to CC23, Martial Arts LV2 and Berserk (+3). 
    • This means that he can walk on as a Camo Marker to get safely to within charging distance of either Server A or C and then go for an unopposed Close Combat attack on CC 29! Meaning any roll of 11 or more will cause two DAM 14 hits and potentially strip 3 ARM off the Server in one go!
    • He’s then got D-Charges to finish the job and should he still be alive a Chain Colt to start harassing anyone nearby. 
  • Devil Dog Teams have Terrain (Aquatic) meaning in this mission you can treat them almost like a less good second Mirage-5 team for half the points!
    • While not armed with any Anti-Material weapons they do have high damage Close Combat and template weapons to clear out an opponent’s Deployment Zone.
    • They also have Smoke Grenades so can also use them to cover the entry of one of the Server destroying units mentioned above. 

Check out our previous Mission Briefing article on the Okolnir Processing Hub for a list of some of the best units with Anti-Material Close Combat Weapons and Infiltrators with D-Charges who are equally as useful in this mission.

They made for an interesting episode of “One Man and His Dog”.


In total contrast to Ariadna PanO have access to buckets of hackers and no matter if you’re playing the vanilla faction or a sectorial you’ll have many options for the ÜBERHACKER in this mission. Let’s highlight some of the best.

  • The Swiss Guard Hacker is almost always the go to for a hard as nails hacking unit given its Hidden Deployment, Mimetism (-6), ARM 5 and BTS 6. 
    • However since the ÜBERHACKER has to be on the table you lose one of the Swiss Guards main advantages which is it’s Hidden Deployment skill. 
    • You can still deploy as a Mimetism (-6) Camo token however and if you want an ÜBERHACKER  that is very survivable and can dish out damage with a BS 15 MULTI-Rifle then this is your guy.
  • The Knights Of Santiago KIller Hacker profile is another tough ÜBERHACKER candidate who’s got a lot of things going for them in this mission.
    • Their Killer Hacker Device means they can use the Cybermask program to make themselves into an Impersonation marker which will allow them to bypass some fights they might want to avoid on the way to the opponents half of the table.
    • They have BTS 3, WIP 13 (thats good for PanO!), 2 Wounds and a Firewall -3 Tinbot meaning they can hold their own against the opponents hackers if needed with the 2 Wounds in particular meaning they’ll likely survive at least one Trinity attack. 
    • They are decent in a firefight as well with BS 14, ARM 4 and the 360 visor means you don’t have any blindspots in ARO. 
    • Finally the profile also has D-Charges so  in addition to the Data Erasure program they have another method of destroying Servers. 
    • The Military Orders Combat Dropping version of this profile is also great but unfortunately can’t be the ÜBERHACKER as it starts off the table. 
  • The venerable Croc Man Hacker is an unconventional ÜBERHACKER option.
    • This profile gives you an Infiltrating, Mimetism (-6), Camo Marker ÜBERHACKER option who can potentially be deployed just outside of the opponents Deployment Zone, ideally somewhere hard to reach.
    • As soon as the correct Server is identified the Croc Man has a decent chance of being within range to start firing off Data Erasure attacks on Servers and net you quick objective points.
    • They are very fragile however with 0 BTS and only 1 Wound so unless you can get the first turn they might be easy prey for an opponent’s KIller Hacker.  
  • Gabriele De Fersen has the distinction of being your only WIP 14 hacker option in the faction and can make a decent  ÜBERHACKER in the right circumstances.
    • He has a regular Hacking Device with Trinity as an upgrade so while he can’t make use of Cybermask like the Santiago he has more general purpose programs that can benefit you in the mission.
    • In addition to his WIP 14 he also has BTS 6 and 2 Wounds so he’s tough as would be expected of a knight.
    • He’s also pretty good in a firefight with a BS 14 Spitfire as well as Close Combat with his CC 22, Martial Arts Lv 3 and AP+Shock Templar Sword. 
    • If playing Military Orders he is definitely worth a look especially as he can be part of any Fireteam as a Wildcard including the Joan Of Arc Deathstar since he counts as a Knight Hospitaller.
  • Lastly there is one unexpected ÜBERHACKER candidate in the form of the Knight of Justice hacker option.
    • The standout stat here is their BTS 9 coupled with WIP 13 and their 2 Wounds which makes them a very tough nut to crack for any of the opponents hacker units who want to take them on. 
    • They’re no slouch in a fight either with ARM 5, a BS 14 Combi Rifle for range and a CC 23, Martial Arts Lv 2 Double Action Close Combat weapon for up close.
    • Importantly, that Anti-Material DA Close Combat weapon will hit a Server with CC 26 and DAM 15 meaning any roll of 14 or above will cause the server to make 3 saves.
    • Just in case you need them the Knight of Justice also has D-Charges.
    • An ideal ÜBERHACKER who can really make use of the extra irregular order to do lots of damage to Servers and Opponents Units alike. 

Since you have the Varuna roster at your disposal you have plenty of options to make use of  the AQUATIC ADVANTAGE rule in this mission alongside your many units with Terrain (Total) .

  • Obviously the standout unit here is the Cutter TAG with its Terrain (Aquatic) skill meaning it can walk on as a very obvious 55mm Camo Token and just start wrecking the opponents day with its BS 15, DAM 16, MULTI-HMG which very little can stand up against. 
    • It’s almost a crime NOT to use one in this mission if you can.  
  • Locusts have Terrain (Total) and profiles with access to D-Charges and DA Close Combat weapons to destroy Servers. 
    • Their Mimetism (-6) will keep them moderately safe when they walk on and their Breaker Combi Rifles are an Ariadna players worst nightmare given that faction’s very low BTS values across the majority of profiles.
    • Their profile with SMG, D-Charges and Wild Parrot is also very effective at taking out Heavy Infantry and TAG threats efficiently.
  • Bøyg Soldiers have Terrain (Total) and nothing quite ruins someone’s day as having a unit with BS 14, ARM 5, 2 Wounds and and +1 Burst Missile Launcher or Mark 12 walk on right next to your opponents Deployment Zone. 
  • Patsy Garnett has Terrain (Jungle/Aquatic) and some skills that make her an effective unit to destroy Servers in this mission.
    • Her solid ORC profile of BS 14, ARM 4 and 2 Wounds allows her to use her SMG and Grenades to quickly eliminate units along a flank even when they are out of LOS. 
    • Her usefulness gets boosted by her NCO skill meaning she can make use of the Lieutenants order and she has D-Charges to make attacks on the Servers. 
  • Karhu have Terrain (Total) and a profile with D-Charges to take out Servers.
    • An excellent Camo hunting unit they have MSV Lv1 and Mimetism (-3) as well as NCO as standard to be extra order efficient.
    • The profile with D-Charges also has a MULTI-Rifle and Blitzen which makes them a threat to tough targets as well. 
  • Finally if you want to walk on with style and make a statement then Joan Of Arc V2 has Terrain (Total) and the will to DEUS VULT.
    • She has CC 23, Martial Arts Lv 3 and an Explosive Close Combat weapon meaning she’ll be smashing those Servers for 4 DAM 15 hits on a roll of 14 or more. That’s probably enough to take it out in one hit.
    • She is tough as nails as well should anyone shoot at her since she has a BS 15 Spitfire and if she does take a hit she has effectively 3 Wounds with ARM 3. 
    • Play Military Orders, bring her on at the right moment and have your whole army run towards her in adulation, shouting DEUS VULT is optional.   

As with Ariadna you can check out our previous Mission Briefing article on the Okolnir Processing Hub for a list of some of the best units with Anti-Material Close Combat Weapons and Infiltrators with D-Charges who are equally as useful in this mission.

She is beauty, she is grace, she will smash you in the face.

That’s all for this Mission Briefing article, are there any units I’ve missed out that you would take in this mission? Can you think of any units that can make use of the ARSENAL special rule to great or hilarious effect, I’ve not even mentioned the shenanigans that can happen with unlimited Mine Dispenser shots for example? If so, share them in the comments below.

We’ll be  back soon with another Mission Briefing article for Infinity Shattergounds


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