Greetings, Commanders.
From Corvus Belli we would like to State that this campaign has been a wild ride. We had such a blast just by witnessing how the community interact, rolepayed and enjoyed the game during those weeks.
Therefore we would like to say “Thank you” to all the players involved.

We have recently published a video with a quick sum up of the events that happened on Concilium and we communicate a few medals and commendations for the factions.

We hope to share again this warconsole space in the future with you in future Campaign Events.

And we would like to reward the behavioral excelence of certain Commanders during these days by sharing with them these recent Reinforcements patches that I hope they cherish and love as much as we do.

So, congratulations Commanders:
WiseKensai,  theGricks, YueFei23, Lady Numiria, Thanan Rollice, Lt.Cuddles, DPA, MarinaSau & CHADwick.
(We wil contact you soon regarding these goodies that you rightfully obtained).

Keep Connected.

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