Unexpected Contact & Heartbreaking Defeat

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VS Haqqislam

Narrative prologue:

SWORDFOR received a distress call from a cargo sector near Rhodan Spaceport. Armed men had appeared and started bombarding the sector. Of course Hippolyta couldn't let this go loosened, so she assembled a strike team and was sent to the coordinates of the signal.

Deployment phase.


-At first, Haqqislam declares coordinated order. They activates two Barids on second combat group at the same time and successfully deploy repeaters with their picther.
-After that Barid moves towards a supply box for reload the pitcher. And begins to roast Gangbuster and Sirius team's brains.
-Bokhtar starts moving and destroy Flash REM and gives Roadbot 1 wound.
-Bokhtar uses Super Jump skill to have a high ground and firefights with Omega and Warcor but got 1 wound so she hides and Haqqislam's turn ends.

O-12'S TURN 1:

O-12 wants to advance roadbot for getting chance of neutralizing Bokhtar but worried about opponent's hacking bubble. So O-12 first dispatches a varangian to get rid of that bubble.


- O-12 gave frontline troopers suppressive fire state before their turn ends.
- So Haqqislam decided to bring Mutawi'ah cancelling the state with jammer.
- Haqqislam takes a gambit and started to rush Zuleyka but got caught by another Sirius Bot.
- Daylami tries to get rid of O-12's repeater but failed once.
- Bokthar spent 3 orders resetting from immobilized state.
- Then Bokthar shoots down isolated roadbot and repositions.
- Hunzakut sneak in and deploy repeater. Barid KHD kills Cyberghost with Trinity through it.


- Barid hacks Omega with Oblivion program. Now Omega must reset at 2.
- Bokthar finished Omega.
- Next Warcor lose at FTF with Bokthar but survived. However, failed Guts roll.
- Hunzakut gets up and successfully discovered a E/M mine near the beacon.
- Bokthar safely gets rid of the mine. Now there is no way to stop her. She picks up the beacon and begins to flee back to the roof.

Narrative epilogue:

Hippolyta and the unidentified operative confronted each other with a knife. All around them was calm, and only the sound of alarm ringing from a distance and the sound of flames sizzling with fire.

Hippolyta, designed by Aleph, is known for the physical ability of an officer Myrmidon. However, even the opponent relies on big powered suits and equipments, on the contrary, mobility and sharp shooting skills almost matched her. Hippolyta is not an arrogant warrior, but her opponent was also the one who could not go easy at all.

Hippolyta looked through operative's opaque visor with her eyes blazing with repressed rage.

“What are you…”

At that moment, the agent suddenly made a motion as if he were lying back and quickly began to warm up the booster on his back. The mighty warrior Hippolyta was also forced to retreat urgently, taking a defensive posture to avoid burns, because the body itself was not made of steel. The agent rose almost vertically with a tremendous momentum. Because of the flash of flames just a meter ahead, Hippolyta could not properly aim at the rifle, and even if she could, she had already run out of ammunition. The agent quickly exited the area at the speed of a missile. And at the meteor-like destination of the trajectory, something shimmering was floating in the gloomy night sky.

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