Panic in the deep blue

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VS Nomads


Bakinin wins initiative and chooses deployment, JSA chooses second turn.

Bakunin 1

The orphan smoke shoots the Keisotsu link leader, who dies, and the Aragoto, who passes his armor roll and then wins the following face to face; the orphan saves and goes prone on a rooftop. Morlock, moira and zellenkrieger occupy the objective room, while the Custodier fires a pitcher outside, near the Tankos haris.


The Aragoto dismounts and tries to fight the orphan from a flight of stairs, but loses the face to face and dies. Mushashi moves over from the opposite flank with his team, and chain rifles both Moderators and a Morlock (that had rolled +3 PH and Regeneration). Morlock makes his dodge, everyone else dies, including Musashi from the return fire. The Tankos advance, making the morlock guts away, and then one enters the room, taking a chain rifle hit and a zapper. He takes one wound, isolated+immobilized, but takes down the Moira.
The second tanko follows, pistols the other morlock but nothing happens, then runs into the room and dodges in close combat, while his immobilized friend dies from the templates. Oyama hides behind scenery a bit further forward, the last Keisotsu is spotlit while advancing, yuriko ends up outside the room.

Bakunin 2

The Morlock impetuous activation outside causes the Tanko to dodge out of cc, but then both Morlocks shoot him with pistols, and he goes unconscious. The Orphan gets up and shoots Yuriko twice, sending her unconscious. A Morlock shoots the targeted Keisotsu dead, while Cenobite and Custodier enter the room. The hacker then cybermasks. Last order is a coordinated of irregulars, with a coup de grace scoring Extreme Prejudice on the Tanko and the other morlock exiting the room. The Orphan dies from the plague at the end of the turn.


Oyama performs In Extremis Recovery on the Orphan, then dodges into the room tanking some shots.

Bakunin 3

The Zellenkrieger impetuously charges into Oyama, wins the cc and deals a wound; the first morlock impetuous also is a cc and both crit, the second morlock instead wins the face to face and kills Neko, ending the game.


Bakunin wins with 79 VP, scoring: 1OP(Classified)+2OP(Control with essential personnel in Turn 2)+2OP(Control with essential personnel in Turn 3)+3(More surviving VP) = 8
to JSA’s 0 VP, and 1OP(Control in Turn 1)+1(Classified)+1(Essential personnel in Turn 2) = 3

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  • Lady Numiria says:

    Great job on the homemade arts!

  • _Dan_ says:

    Nice report commander!

  • Wizzy says:

    (⌐▨_▨)b cool comic batrep

  • Tristan228 says:

    Awesome style for your Report, Commander! That drawn picture od Neko getting melee’d by the Zellenkrieger and the two Morlocks is nothing less than true art 🙂

  • Pipobin says:

    Clear, concise, and with cool doodles! AND A NOMAD WIN! Everything I look for in a battle report. <3

  • Kaminull says:

    YAY I’ve been so excited to see another batrep from you, hopefully you can get another match in!!

  • LucaGirolami says:

    Stunning visuals, as usual.

  • Lt.Cuddles says:

    Fantastico report, modelli dipinto e pure i disegni


  • VeryFastPanda says:

    Good game!
    And remember to Save the Pilots (TM)