Escape from CINDER's Clutches!

Danger Rose
VS Nomads

Outside Beltway 594. after getting wrecked by Nourkias and his Onix Contact Force.

Obliterette limped into the battlefield. Ko Dail had shot her ribbon-chute, making Obliterette plummet into a large three that softened her fall, but scraped and bruised her significantly. She scanned the area, her heart racing. She first saw Battle Charmer sprawled on the midfield. Obliterette felt her heart ache as she passed her by. She had practiced this nightmare scenario on the simulator more times than she wished to remember. But she knew that all that mattered was finding Doc Starlight.

The petite purple-haired woman laid on her belly a few yards away. Obliterette mustered all her strength and determination to rush to her side.

“Doc, Doc, are you awake?” she asked following the Emergency Triage Protocol that Doc Starlight had drilled into her.

“Can’t move… legs… Right arm…,” said Doc Starlight; pain drawn all over her face.

Obliterette carefully opened Dos Starlight’s side pouch and extracted the Medi-Kit. She loaded the vial with a bright lime-green liquid. Obliterette could never remember the name od the thing, only that it hurt like hell when injected. She pressed the Medi-Kit to Doc Starlight’s neck and pulled the trigger.

“Heavens, that hurt!” said Doc Starlight turning on her back; steam coming out of every seam of her suit.

“Can you move?”

“Not yet, you’re gonna have to do the others. Just like we practiced.

Obliterette nodded and left Doc looking at the sky. She inoculated Scarlet Tanager and dashed as fast as she could back to where Battle Charmer was. A broken ‘Thank you’ told her Tanager was going to make it.

After reviving Battle Charmer, Obliterette finally allowed her brain to register her own wounds. She dropped next to Battle Charmer, who passed a soft hand over Obliterette’s temple.

“You… saved us…” said the silver-haired woman in an angelic tone.

“Always…” replied Obliterette feeling lightheaded.

A jab on her neck and a burning sensation from her insides told her that Doc was up and in charge of the medical attention again.

“We need to move, we’re vulnerable here,” said Scarlet Tanager helping Obliterette up.

The Fanous Remote that had survived came out of hiding beeping excitedly. Battle Charmer checked that its repeater was functional and sent it ahead of them.

“Let’s go,” said Scarlet Tanager. “I have too many questions, but we need to go to safer grounds first.”

OOC: We're playing Last Launch. On the right are our Classified Objectives and my daughter's Rock Band Tour poster

The journey back to Bhai was going to be impossible on foot. So, the Wrecking Belles moved as far form Edda as they could, before sending a distress signal. The first responders were a team of Remotes; composed of a Kameel, two Fawanees and a Shaytaniyah; sent by a transport from Waqf al-Badawi a few kilometers away from their current location.

“The captain says they can extract us via sky-link if we can make it to this rendezvous point,” said Scarlet Tanager sharing the coordinates with her three friends.

“Sensors are picking up some hostiles coming our way,” said Battle Charmer.

“I’ll go ahead and flank them,” said Obliterette starting to dash. “I’m tired of reacting!”

Scarlet Tanager smiled as she saw her friend move ahead as fast as she could.

“Let’s go,” she said. “We’re wrecking them this time!”

Understanding the sentiment, the Shaytaniyah launched a missile at the closest visible hostile; a Tsyklon Zondbot.

With ease, Doc Starlight rendered the Tsyklon inoperative. She then pivoted to the other side of the sky-link tower to confront a pair of Moderators with Spitfires on a nearby roof.

With the Vertigo Zond out of the way, Obliterette took out two more Moderators hiding behind the building.

Misadventures of Cindy the EMT Catgirl

After NOT reviving Silvia, and getting chewed by Reverend Startagem, Cindy the EMT Catgirl was ordered to take out the Rem with Repeater that had the Reverends’ Haris unable to make a move without getting targeted by Battle Charmer.

Cindy ran as fast as her catgirl legs allowed her, narrowly escaping the Flash Pulse attack of another Fanous right on the side she had climbed down from.

The End

Obliterette moved towards the ID Scanner, but had to scan her Comlog several times before she could get access to the sky-link line.

She then planned on giving it to Doc Starlight, whose Comlog was even in worse shape.

Scarlet Tanager’s Comlog gave her as much trouble as Obliterette’s. But for some reason, Battle Charmer got an ID tag for Doc Starlight without a hitch.

Sadly, Scarlet Tanager’s Immunity: Total came with Vulnerability: Combi-Rifle

After Doc took out Reverend Amnesia and Battle Charmer CasEvac-ed Scarlet Tanager, the four Wrecking Belles made it back to Haqqislam controlled territory, and gave Scarlet Tanager much needed medical attention.

They had made it out of CINDER’s clutches, but knowing that it was still operating, meant that the case was not as closed as the Wrecking Belles had thought.

Thank you all for reading and sharing such wonderful reports! I always have lots of fun, even if I can't play as much as I would have liked.

Next year in Bourak!

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