PanO Oppression

VS PanOceania

Our People, Our Okolnir

PanO forces were coming to take back Okolnir. Captian Hauser of the Ariadna Expeditionary Force was here to stop them. PanO came in force deploying strong the on right.

Ariadna deployed right in their face. There will be no tiptoeing around this fight. PanO will not take Okolnir back. There is no doubt about that.

Round 1

On the right the Bearpode and Irmandinhos try to advance but take fire from the Nisse, the MSV rendering their smoke ineffective. Fortunately no one was hit. The Link team is dispatched to deal with the sniper and drop him quickly.

The Unknown Ranger then moves forward, exchanging fire with the Zulu. An over eager Bolt takes a shot from across the battlefield. The bolt misses but attracts the attention of the Ranger who cuts him down.

Our SAS rushes through enemy fire to activate the console, and the Ranger goes unleashes suppressive fire.

The over eager Bolt turned out to be the enemy Lt. With Loss of Lieutenant and the right console activated already PanO is forced to redeploy. The force splits, Squalo and one Auxilia heading for the console, while the remaining forces defend the AI server.

Round 2

The enemy server was well protected so we had to push hard. A few forces remained to slow the enemy from reaching the console, but the majority of our forces pushed hard into the right flank. The link team deals with the Peacemaker but the ORC is harder. The Bearpode attacks, but can't get engaged. Shots are traded and both sides wounded.

The PanO forces press for the console. The Varangian slows the attack but can't stop the enemy from reaching the console. Our console is lightly defended, but the enemy is out of orders.

Round 3

Uxia goes on a rampage eliminating the Zulu and the ORC. The way is clear for one of the Irmandinhos to blow the enemy server. I knew if the PanO forces could get the a hacker in range I couldn't protect the server so my best option is to put them into retreat. WIth that in mind the link team engages the Squalos, eventually dropping the TAG.

The enemy is routed and flees the battlefield.

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