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This game was part of an escalation league I've been trying to get off the ground. We had a pretty good group for a while but our store closed and it died out a bit. Trying to bring it back. Wish me luck.

Captain Hauser was serving as duty officer at a cargo transfer station as part of his duties at Ariadna's Okolnir Traffic Control. It was supposed to be a quiet station but like many jobs customers complicate things. This morning an Aleph official was trying to skirt the new policies. He was far too important to follow the regulations and insisted his cargo be allowed through immediately. The self-important little man left screaming, but without his cargo. As he walked off he started shouting threats about returning for his cargo. That was all Hauser needed to call up his men. If the troublesome man returned we'd be ready.

Hostilities Escalate

Remotes begin rolling into the facility. It was not subtle. Did they expect us to roll over at the slightest show of force? The Aleph forces were going to be quite disappointed. Looking across the battlefield Hauser notices the man from earlier marching about shouting orders. A subtle grin came to his face. 'Lev, that's your target.' The Dog Warrior chuckled and hefted his chain rifles. Most of the rest of the troops were already in position.

Shots Fired

'Sir, our ambush elements have been mostly exposed.' Nothing to worry about, hold position and return fire.' The Daleths advanced exposing our troopers, no great concern, but then the Dakini moved up. The crack of heavy caliber rounds begin flying in our direction. Stepanov, our Vet Kazak, returns fire allowing Rogers, the foxtrot, to dive for cover.

Bruant came on the radio. The thump of projectile impacts sounding in the background. 'I'm taking fire, but it is nothing. I will handle it.' As the radio cuts out the rapid pounding of a Spitfire picks up.

Lev cracks his neck and does a quick weapon check. He peaks around the dropship. They moved a remote up, just a speed bump. He knows his target is just beyond. Not a problem. Three quick steps and the chain rifles roar to life. The Daleth is left a pile of scrap. Lev barely slows as he vaults the railing of the pad, landing 10 feet below. Coming around a cargo container he spots his prey. The haughty Aleph officer raises his weapon. Lev is wounded but his target has been destroyed. Extra ration of vodka tonight.

Down to Business

The Aleph forces had lost their leader and were in disarray. One brave Naga pushed forward engaging Rogers. Apparently there was one competent trooper on the Aleph side. Roger takes a hit while attempting to return fire. The Naga wisely grabbed some of his supplies and fled towards safety.

A Deva bravely, but less wisely, steps up to try to thwart our advance. 'Aww, Mon cheri.' as Bruant squeezes the trigger wounding the Deva. A moment later Lev drops down behind her. Her death was quick.

With this opening Bruant and Uxia both recover supplies.

Spite and Clean up

'They are rabbiting Captain.' Naga hero is making his way out of the facility, but Stepanov's superior marksmanship drops him. The remaining Naga fires a shot at Uxia, knowing he can't recover the supplies or even escape to safety.

Bruant declares some select french curses as he cuts the bloodthirsty Naga down.

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