Road To Nowhere

Jager Nadim
VS O-12

Case File 06 - Road To Nowhere

Backup arrived just as another patrol of O-12 dropped in our position. A solo Makaul was on our left flank hoping to clear the path along with a Kaauri for our the Chaksa to advance. Once again Le Muet and the Sukeul's fireteam took the center, and the Liberto took to the roof tops. That left the right flank to a Bounty Hunter and another Chaksa.

This O-12 patrol had called in a heavy Aleph asset in the form of Hector who took up the left flank near a Fuzzbot and a Verangian. Further up the left flank taking cover in a high position was a Gangbuster. Another Aleph asset, this time only a Daikini, was holding the middle, with a Kytta holding position just above it on an observation platform. One their right flank was a Roadbot, a Psy-Cop, and a Kappa Hacker.

Le Muet moved out to see the Kytta and Roadbot, managing to take out the Kytta and severely damaging the Roadbot. Filled with some impressive combat stims, the Krakot raced forwards, full tilt towards the Roadbot avoiding any injury on the way in, but failing to damage the transforming motorcycle on its first swing. However now locked in close quarters with the bot, she tore it apart in a matter of seconds.

The rest of the team advanced their positions. Unable to get into a position assist the Krakot from the retaliation it was sure to face.

The Daikini was the best situated to deal with the Krakot and though it went offline due to the Morat's chainrifle, it terminate the threat to the rest of the patrol team. Hector took aim at the Kaauri and blasted it apart and then ran to the stairs of the structure on our right. The Psy-Cop moved into position to fire on the Chacksa, but the Makaul lept forward to stop the advance.

The Makaul rushed forwards towards the Psy-Cop, the Tohaa warrior's flames only managing to singe the Psy-Cop's coat as he was gunned down.

This put me in the position to come in behind the Psy-Cop and end the threat to the Chaksa. Though I was targeted by the Kappa hiding nearby.

The bounty hunter raced forwards, but failed to avoid the Gangbuster's madtrap and became stuck in place. The Sukeul took her team up the nearby stairs of the structure, sending the Makaul to annihilate the Gangbuster. Though this is where things really fell apart. Seeking to end the last real threat the O-12 team presented, she moved in to fire on Hector, but the Champion of Troy reacted with unexpected speed and left into combat with the Sukeul.

Unable to provide the Sukeul any support from his position Le Muet advanced up the field.

The Verangian rushed forward, but was taken out by Le Muet and the Makaul. However at that same moment, Hector reacted, the Sukeul within the reach of its blade the Aleph construct easily overcame the commando in combat, while Le Muet's shot went wide. The Champion of Troy then blew apart the Makaul and the body of Sukeul with its plasma rifle, avoiding another shot from Le Muet, and completely shrugging off the flames of the Makaul. Surveying the state of its own team the construct took a

Le Muet tried to get into a better firing position, and the Liberto moved to cover the advance of the Kappa while everyone else who could took what cover they could.

Hector moved up and killed the Taagma, though the Schemer was able to wound the giant with her nanopulser. It was up to Le Muet to keep the heads of Hector, and the Fuzzbot down, but the Aleph recreation proved to be the quicker shot and took Le Muet down. The Kappa stood, and the Liberto tried to take her down with a burst from its shotgun, but the Kappa's armor took the brunt of it while the Liberto was felled by the hackers submachine gun. The Fuzzbot moved forwards to take control of the area. However, the data was still in my possession, and for the moment I was being ignored, so with a literal target on my back, there was nothing for me to do than start running, and hope any responding forces would be too distracted trying to piece together what happened between all the plasma blasts to pick up on my trail too quickly as I raced down this road to nowhere...

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