Operation Wronged Mountain

Yu Jing
VS O-12
Presented by DAEBAKKERS

Briefing : A Rag-Tag Band

A casual campaign game from weekend, my good friend coldpzza and I played a cool game - a battle between White Banner and O-12!

In honor to our newest community leader

HVTs were set, O-12 declared a greatly painted Sarco as its HVT - White Banner declares its old, favorite HVT of Lady in Lilac.

O-12's Alpha Strike

Turn 1 Hundun : You, or your opponent is screwed.

White Banner deployed to lure up O-12's famous alpha striker, Hippolyta. O-12, as a seasoned player, knew White Banner's advantage was in their defenses - namely Long Ya and Hundun.

Hippolyta advances, successfully luring out Hundun from its wake, generates a perfect angle for Epsilon.

Brilliant combo from O-12


Epsilon unit makes its way for perfect shots - in short orders, White Banner lost its ARO asset.

Casanova deploys a mine, hoping to stop Liang Kai from rampaging

Satisified from its attack, O-12 prepares to defend. White Banner surely did not brought many pieces - perhaps there would be more of Hunduns.

White Banner Retailates

And he was right!

Tiger soldier lands, now O-12 was pretty sure about White Banner's plan - to skewer up their lines, thinning the order reserves.

White Banner, slyly drifting Liang Kai to its Berserk Range
The attack was disasterous.

After flurry of blows, O-12 lost Casanova. Yet still, Epsilon Unit and Hippolyta lives.

Noble Sacrifice

A heroic, and reminding move from O-12 - This is a mission game!
Delta Unit lands

O-12 makes great move, sacrificing Hippolyta to secure LZ - and the hero, Delta, drops from the orbit.

He bravely conducts the mission - but - a cruel HMG took him down.

Fight must go on

Despite losing the ace in the hole, O-12 keeps up the pace - to secure corridor, Epsilon unit risks a multiple AROs to take down White Banner's main gun, the Ye Mao.

But he was not the main gunner

O-12's Epsilon falls

Without any ARO present, WB sweeps through the battlefield
The last assassination
WB, The Victor
O-12, ones who fought its best

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