From hunter to prey, and vice-versa

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Yu Jing
VS PanOceania

report from Commander Takezo to the imperial service officers in charge:

Priority level: HIGH

Following the recent repeling of a series of attacks on the HUAQIAO sector by Troops from the japanese terrorists, I was given the command of a squad from our invincibles.

Our objective was annihilating the remains of a routed group of japanese that was pushed back by the efficient action of the imperial service.
They managed to steel a transport, and we were forced to push our pursuit in a requisitionned Azure Dragon. This led us way far from HUAQIAO. Eventually we reached the coast of the Minas Gerais archipelago at wich point their transport landed close to a facility.

We just gained our deployment position, when something huge moved far away without any squad member being able to make visual contact. HAIDAO member Jun Xhao was about to move and try to identify a potential threat, when he got forced in a fire exchange with another sniper.
Even if he was able to retaliate at first, the following shots costed his life, but not in vain, since the tacticams from his armor could send us visuals of the opponent.
It was a member from the pan-oceanians military orders!

So the blues were trying to hide the terrorists from us!
The loss of our sniper immediately became a problem, i was about to send modified tactical datas and send an offensive by our left flank with NCO Won hu lia from the Mowang regiment, when the big thing ran upon him, a freakin Seraph TAG!!!
Won Hu Lia tried to dodge but failed and his body got both shattered to pieces by the bullet storm and incinerated by the auxbot's flames.
Both of our flanks were compromised!!!

From this point all we know is the enemy was moving, probably trying to gain advantageous positions, eventually the tactical observation micro-drones arrived on site, though their connexion was extremelly unstable, probably due to the heat exchangers presence on the site.

Lt Tshenseng Yang from the DAO YING reorganised his squad and sent a counter attack.
Following his new orders Luo Dahan from the shang-jis sneaked in sight of the Seraph, cautiously avoiding the auxbot's line of fire, then he unleashed a hail of piercing rounds on the machine who staggered a moment, Luo didn't missed the opportunity, another furious shower of bullets pierced the TAG and shutted it off.

Immediately, the Rui-Shi remote launched an assault in the central room, where the japanese rebels were heading before L.O.S was lost. But as soon it made visual contact with the interior of the room, a Knight from the Santiago order shot it with his spitfire,

The Shang-Ji moved forward, gaining L.O.S to a Hospitaler hidden in the room. A couple of armour piercing bursts got rid of it

Our Yan Huo climbed on the building he was facing and advanced, shooting twice at the Seraph to finish it definitely, but both missiles missed their target!!!

Finally, the ZuYong Xiua Maopi advanced to a covered position with line of sight in the room, then almost everyone entered suppression fire, if these cowards wanted to hide in this room, then we'll help them all stay inside!

That was the moment something weird happened, suddenly our Doc and EVO remote collapsed....

Movements occured inside the room, then the santiago who destroyed the Rui-Shi tried to repel Xiua Maopi from her position, but she managed to wound him severely and he fell on the floor!

Then, a female Knight with a typical Hospitaler heraldy tried to shoot Luo Dahan, but he responded with another AP round burst wich didn't passed her armor but forced her in cover.

A sound of impact resonated on the Seraph's armor, then suddenly the metal giant raised on his feet....
A gizmokit shoot had found its target!

Inside the room, a sniper fired at the Yan Huo, who was wounded but remained able to fight thanks to the superiority of our precious heavy armors!

Seing how the reactivation of the TAG was a threat on our plan, Lt Tshenseng Yang took on her to clear the situation, she recklessly ran toward the machine and unleashed two shrapnell rounds with for first objective to destroy the auxbot, While she died herself in the flames, the shots succeded in destroying the bot but also disabled the Seraph again!

With the TAG's threat gone, Luo Dahan and Xiua Maopi advanced each on a side of the room, Xiua Maopi made it to the right door and mercilessly killed the sniper crosier, then Luo Dahan did the same on the left and downed another crosier, a curator and a bulleteer with a shot from his chain colt taking a wound in the action!

Finally, both invincibles joined their forces and shot the Hospitaler lady, wounding her!

In a desperate atempt to save her life, the knightess tried to engage Xiua Maopi, but got shot rudely.

For our greatest anger the room was empty, none of the Japanese were there, and it seems pretty clear now that the Pan-Oceanians we met there where securing the terrorists retreat.

This situation should be treated with a great amount of serious, and i suggest to raise the enforcement level in the Japanese part of HUAQIAO.

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