VS Combined Army


Task Force 27 moved swiftly through the utility offices and streets of the space port, reaching their objective with minimal effort. Asil dropped the units AC2 to begin secure uplink to Haqqislam High Command. The enemy AC2 was heavily defended by the combined Army, a Plasma Sniper Unidron, two other Unidrons with plasma rifles, and a Q-Drone with HMG. Daturazi patrolled the ground as a Charontid again, stepping forward to take command. Another bounty hunter was motoring around the streets.

“Ra’id, we are getting updates to orders. There are known personalities that are to be arrested on site in the Space Port, sending orders to your geist.”

QCC wants these people and aliens alive.

“Haroun, begin sniffing the network, let’s see if any of these targets are in our AO.”

A green thumbs up emoticon floated around Haroun in AR.

“Asil, I am taking charge of the defense of the AC2 here, array your fireteam in a layered defense. Kepri, you are going with Fahim, and Palavi. Your only objective is to take out the enemy AC2, knock it out. We want them plunged into the dark.”

“Na’am!” The squad echoed together.

Looting and Sabotaging!

Turn 1

Combined Army:
OOC: My friend does NOT want to give up the first turn and he keeps winning LT rolls…

The enemy moved quickly in response to Haqqislamite activity in the area.The Daturazi moved quickly to grab additional weapons and explosives from locally found supply caches. The Charontid as well moved quickly to arm itself further. Its orders were to try and capture a prisoner for interrogation and so it grabbed some Adhesive Launchers provided by O12 personnel.

The witch soldiers were unfortunately provided old, and defective smoke grenades as the shock troopers tried to lay down a smoke screen. One plume of smoke finally started billowing then another to cover the advance of the Charontid. Moving along a red building, it brought its heavy weapon to bare on the Fanous remote. The gun roared and the already damaged remote got torn apart.

“Charontid!” Maih yelled, pulling down her visor to see the large form of the aspect moving through the smoke.

It targeted her with its gun, the range already closing, and getting poor for the gun's heft. Tracer fire whizzed around her as she ducked, lifting her marksman rifle and returning fire. One shot from the machine gun hit its mark on her chest, her armor absorbing the blow but knocking the breath out of her lungs. She felt the armor cracked and shifting from the blow. She doubted she could take another, but her options were limited. As the Charontid took a moment to examine the damage done to its target, Maih cracked a couple of shots off, hitting and driving through the chest armor to heavily damage the aspect. Shaking off the blow, the beast set itself up to suppress the area in front of it.

Maihs team was locked down, the Charontid waiting for movement. Fahim motioned for his fireteam to get moving. Finding a blind spot that they could slip through, Fahim moved through an alley between a weapons shop and coffee shop. Getting to the end and taking cover behind a billboard, he peaked out, seeing the unidron sniper on guard. Motioning for the other two to back up, he wheeled around the billboard, aiming quickly and releasing a stream of fire from the spitfire, accurately slamming into the robot, and tearing it apart.

“Bismallah! Let’s move across!” Fahim exclaimed.

The group moved quickly across the street, passed a bus and up against another utility office. Seeing a unidron sentry at the end of the alley next to them, Fahim engaged, his shots pounding into the unidron but the robots robust armor taking the hits. Time was short so Fahim advanced while shooting down the alley. A plasma shot whizzed by him as he finally put the alien construct down. Leaping up onto the balcony of the building, the Q-Drone instantly turned and engaged, but too slow. The spitfire roared again, reducing the remote to scrap. Landing with a thud on the second floor of the building, Kepri and Palavi began running up the stairs on the other side.

The Daturazi had a hard time landing smoke grenade, took both of them two orders (including their impetuous).
The Fanous stood no chance.
Getting a hamberger and going into suppression.
Fahim is out for blood.
Cant get them all though. Daturzai rolled a 14, I had to crit, but didn't.
Fahims path of carnage continues.
Just casually double critting again while jumping through the air.

Turn 2

Combined Army:
The bounty hunter roared down the alley below Fahim. The Khawarij tried to dodge out of the way as its boarding shotgun disgorged the scattershot loaded in it. Unfortunately, he caught a number of hits, knocking him down, and tearing his armor.

In front of Maih team, smoke erupted around the Charontid as a daturazis smoke grenade rolled under it. The Charontid began to take its targets. The incoming fire was withering, forcing Maih back into cover and out of line of sight. Turning tis gaze to the rest of the fire team, Gregory caught several rounds, knocking him to the ground, followed quickly by Asil who was trying to return fire. With the way open, the Daturazi soldier rushed forward through the smoke.

The Morat rushed headlong forward towards the AC2, DCharge already in hand. Its speed was blinding and as it scrambled and leapt up ladders to the buildings rooftop , reaching the AC2, it slammed the charge in place just as Maihs shot hit it in the back dropping it. Luckily the charge was poorly located and while it damaged the AC2 it was minor.

Kepri raced to the top of the stairs, raising her rifle and using the underslung light shotgun pumped a shot directly into the bounty hunter, knocking her off the bike. Behind her, Palavi moved quickly towards Fahim, slumped against the wall, holding his arm that was bleeding. Taking her medikit out, Palavi quickly scanned his injuries and provided silk derived quick-heal to the wounds. Like magic much of the wounds clotted up and closed slightly. While not perfect, it made him combat capable. Nodding his thanks, Fahim grabbed his spitfire and stood up, looking across the alley to the enemy AC2.

“Kepri, you ready?” He asked the Namurr.

Smiling and nodding they both ran along the balcony towards the edge, Kepri ran down the wall and up the other side, then taking a leap, the Khawarij sailed across the gap, raising his gun as he crossed, and put several rounds into the back of a daturazi down the street. Landing with a roll, Fahim ran towards the edge of the building, while Kepri took out two D-charges and sandwiched the AC2 with them. With a loud bang, only one D-Charge went off, the AC2’s automated defenses shorting one of them. The damage was moderate but not enough to bring the communications relay offline.

“Ayreh Feek!” Exclaimed Kepri, “That’s the only demolitions I had!”

“Well our options are limited, let’s fight our way over there and take out the leader! Palavi, head for that weapons cache across the alley!” Fahim yelled.

Turning, Palavi ran to the edge of the building she was on, and leapt across the gap, landing next to the weapons cache. Rummaging briefly, she pulled out a booster pack and quickly strapped it to her back between the twin metallic, vestigial wings.

"You got a sweet bounty right now Haqqi boy!"
Setting up the smoke shooting screen.
This fight was not okay for the Charontid. Shooting from smoke, but both of us had MSV2, and he was in 0 range for the HMG. Maih eventually took an ARM save, passed, but failed Guts.
No bounty collection today for you!
Haqqislam doesn't stay down.
Lets get to the AC2! Oh! A target!
Climbing Plus is my favorite skill. Double D-Charges is great! Automatic CC 8 denying a hit is a sad face...
Palavi (Ghulam Doctor) rolling 8-4 movement was clutch for those 8" Jumps!

Turn 3

Combined Army:
The Charontid being notified of the damage to the AC2 turned its attention to the Khawarij giving orders on the rooftop. A round from the human hit it in the shoulder, but bounced off the thick armor. Raising its machine gun, the fire streamed out, finding their mark in the soldier and knocking him, bleeding, to the rooftop. A unidron below Kepri moved out to shoot at her, but received a light shotgun round to itself before the Namurr dodged out of sight.

Palavi finally found a couple of D-Charges in the weapons cache and using the aid of her jump pack, leapt across the rooftops, landing next to the AC2, and planting one of the explosives. Ducking back, the charge did its work, wrecking the communications device.

“All that's left is that Charontid, I got him!” Kepri leapt over the roofs ballister, and slid down to the street, hitting the asphalt and rolling as a round from the aspects machine gun flew over her.

Running towards a food truck parked on a curb, she raised her breaker rifle, and fired over the engine hood, the rounds flying true and impacting the EI construct in the chest, the machine falling to the ground, silent. Palavi looked around, and in the alley below where they had been fighting, a woman was trying to sneak away. Taking a running leap, she leapt back over the alley and raised her rifle at the woman, “Stop where you are, raise your hands and turn around!”

Charontid clearing the path!
Daturazi with a D-Charge running for it! It's +1 ARM from a previous roll didn't help it though.
One dead Dat, One wound done to AC2.
Charontid trying to regain its back line.
Grabbing a D-Charge and two 8" jumps!
Set the D-Charge, explode the D-Charge!


Haqqislam: 7
Combined Army: 4

Talibah looked after the wounded soldiers as Palavi passed off the security of the civilian to Maih herself. The elder doctor immediately headed off to assist the other Ghulam Doctor. Slinging her rifle over her shoulder and pulling out a quik-cuff, she turned the woman around and secured her hands behind her back. Patting her down revealed a data storage device which she put in a zippered coat pocket. The woman was human at least, that was evident. It was strange she was uncooperative though, which was giving Maih a lot of warnings. She will turn the woman over to QCC for interrogation.

Reviewing the unit, she sent an automatically generated report to HHC, and gave the green light on the achievement of all of their objects. A beachhead was established in her AO and reinforcements were requested.

OOC: My friend is getting better with every game. This was a close one, as he focused on the mission and not killing. He got a couple unlucky hits on him but his ARO units put up a fight. He concedes that maybe if he diversified instead of simply taking the Charontid he might have had better tools for the mission. He just really likes the Charontid and the model. He also got his classified this game!

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