Holidays are over

VS PanOceania

"Sir, we recieved a telegram addressed to you, the matter is urgent I'm afraid" the butler lowered the silver tablet with his white gloved hand enabling Lt. Hademar to retrieve the elegantly folded paper. This Resort really followed the theme of the late 1890ies to the point. But after whilst reading the message his mood dropped deep below sea level.
"We got a message from the High Command that due to... circumstances... our holidays are cancelled and we have to report back..." Lt. Hadema uttered at his fellow Moderators. "So chop! chop! guys we're meeting in two at the exit!"
Two hours later the Moderators, a Riot Grrl, a Reverend Moira with an orphan in her following and Bran gathered near the beach side exit. "Sir? Sir?! Why in Mother Mary's name are tere ORCs gathering in the woods?" "Heee?! The fantasy themed hotel is not even close, what do you mean Sister Andromachi? Oooh... verdammt! The PanOceanian ORCs! Good question let's just pretend we didn't notice them" Hademar replied confoundedly.

"Guys! I guess we might need your help here! We somehow crossed their path and now we can't shake them off, I even lost one of my JackBots but I could set off a distraction with it! :D" Fiddler laughingly yelled at Hademar's bunch whilst zipping around them.
After seeing Fiddler, Uhahu, Denma appear, together with a Vostok Sputnik and a Vertigo Zond Lt. Hademar was out of words. "Whaaaaaat is happening here? Why is half of StarCo around? And WHICH DISTRACTION?! FIIIIIDDLEER!?!" One of his questions got suddenly answered by blaring sirenes and the announcement about a chlorine gas leakage in one of the pools' maintenence facilities.
"Let the 'fun' begin" Hademar mumbled to himself whilst accessing his internal tactics databank. "OK troops assemble according to the tactics info on your commlinks we're heading out of here! Forget the HazMat gear there's no time for that!"

The bird's eye view of the resort where Hademar and his, by now, platoon had had their holidays

Clashing interests

The panoceanian Forces assembled at the tree line (ORC and Vargar fireteam) and within (Bulleteer & Varg Engineer duo) or atop (Haris of Feuerbach Karhu & Fusilier with Agnes agrond) the several buildings whilst a single Fugazi guarded one of the Safe Spots.
Hademar's thrown together bunch deployed on a landing boat (Grrl & Moderators Fireteam together with a Daktari) behind or in several woods (Bran who failed his infiltration and Fiddler on the other flank) the Orphan Haris and Denma readied themselved behind the beach Bar whilst Uhahu and the Vertigo went into hiding in contact with to another Safe Spot

Run! Run! Run!

After Conolly's and the Morlock's fast advance towards the Panic Room the Riot Grrl made good use of her Missile Launcer by atomizing the opponent's Feuerbach-Karhu. Thanks to the Morlock's smoke screen, and therefore not being seen by the opponent forces the Orphan Haris advanced into the room placing the Vostok as forward as possible whilst the Orphan and Sister Andromachi took cover. Fiddler advanced through the Woods towards the big building on the right flank and was able to destroy the opponent's Safe Spot situated inside their building leaving the opponent's EVO Mule unprotected whilst ducking into cover. The opponent's ORC hacker wasn't able to isolate the overextended JackBot though. An attempt to neutralize the opponent's Fugazi by the Morlock failed since they were too far away from each other.

Side note: the Orphan was bested by the Beach Bar's temptations and ended up stunned in the Panic Room... clearly no good show of discipline in the Observance's ranks

Due to being deprived of their normally excellent Marksman the Winterforce had to reorganise. Thusly the ORC and Vargar Team transitioned from their position towards the Grrl's flank. During this transition they weren't able to kill the Morlock in the Panic Room or neutralize the JackBot but also stayed untouched by Uhahu's attempts of Spotlighting them. But their luck vanished as soon as they faced the Grrl and the Fireteam got substantially decimated. Thusly the remaining ORC and Varg repositioned themselves in order to prepare for the bakunians' future moves.
Agnes advanced towards the Panic Room whilst dragging the linked Fusilier into his demise by the Grrl's Missile Launcher

On the right flank some repositioning of the EVO Mule happened, followed by a hard and succesful attack by the supported Bulleteer against the JackBot. Unfortunately for the Panoceanians the overpriced REM succumbed to the JackBots Vulcan flamer.

Basically Safe

Without opposition the Moderators were able to position themselves around the left-hand Safe Spot whilst Bran and the Morlock, supported by Denma's smoke grenade performed further "cleaning activities aka. Bran knocking the Varg unconcious, the Morlock killing Agnes with the Assault Pistol followed by knocking the last ORC unconcious too. Fiddler on the right flank was furthermore able to fatally wound the Karhu engineer who was in close range to the Bulleteer.

This left the Svalarheimians woth only the Evo Mule and the Fugazi which forced the PanOcian commanedr to concede the attack.

In game terms this means Bakunin won the encounter against the SWF with 7:0 OP and 297:22 VP ':D

Remember Nomads: Free the Willies! I mean... Save the Pilots by liberating Montálban!

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  • Teddy says:

    Nice report, commander.

  • Anaxandrides says:

    Great writeup,even if Nomads won.

  • Adm. Philip von Kruse says:

    Great report and excellent work commander! Keep up the good work.

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  • borisgreymenace says:

    well done, commander. enjoy a daquiri on behalf of the NMF

  • O. Mega says:

    Good Job Commander.

  • Lady Numiria says:

    Nice end shot by the beach bar… if you want any of my Killer Mojito, hit me up!

    Lady Numiria
    O-12 Barmaid Commissionner

  • _Dan_ says:

    Nice job!

  • Razek2648 says:

    Some good celebratory fun at the tiki bar after a hard fought op. The Hasselhoff will pay for a round for your crew. Well done, commander!

    Go Go Nomads!

  • Tristan228 says:

    Well the frustration is a thing we have to fight with too. in particular the players on the blue side seem to roll worse than the ones on the red side….

  • ghost00 says:

    You guys playing TTS are heros, I cant conceptualize the game properly in TTS and just get frustrated. It takes the fun away so I dont do it.

  • Norfolkot says:

    Nice beach bar here, on the surface )

  • TimBotB says:

    Love the table and the report!

  • Ariez_Obann says:

    Nice report, I still have to get used to the fact that the pictures come from the TTS

  • iKon says:

    Free the Willies

  • ghost00 says:

    Way to go with the theme, fun read

  • Camuzeus says:

    Keep it like that

  • Todo1loser says:

    good work comander!

  • Il Corinzio says:

    Good work Commander!!

  • Tristan228 says:

    A three hour travel for one game is a good reason to use the TTS though 😉

  • Injenegr says:

    yeah, why use actual miniatures in a miniatures wargame)

  • Fuwafuwaru says:

    Push panO off of our station.

  • Tzwenne says:

    Good start, keep it going

  • Kaminull says:

    The first report of shattergrounds, congrats on it being a win!

  • Foxep says:

    My dear Tristan back in action!

  • Chainer says:

    Run! Run! Run! hahaha i love it!

  • Nolimon says:

    Typical for the Nomad Nation a virtual fake report.

  • amaoesquerda says:

    Don’t like seeing Nomads win, but have to acknowledge 1) a good game and 2) an excellent batrep.

  • Perzan says:

    Good guys wear also red I guess! Definitely not blue!

  • Luisjoey says:

    Good take tristam! welcome to the fray


  • Abydog says:

    Well done!

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    So much for a quite day at the beach.

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    Well done!

  • Danger Rose says:

    First batrep and a very good one at that! Good job!

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    Darn you! Keep off our PanO territory 😀 . Nice to see us starting up with some RP, enjoyed this one!

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    Way to start!

  • theGricks says:

    What an excellent report, and I love you used a beach map for it! Yall are really going for the beachparty arent you?

  • Greysturm says:

    Wow, who would have guessed the nomads to be such early risers. Nice report

  • Tristan228 says:

    Thanks commanders! I guess with a few more succeful nomad operations here we’ll be able to secure us the fany coctails with the tiny umbrellas for sure 😀

  • Epistaxis says:

    Nice report right out of the gate, well done!

  • Wizzy says:

    (⌐■_■)ノ♪♬Nice, pretty funny.

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    Inshallah, glad to see out nomad allies are quick to defend their interests against the overbearing imperialism of Panoceana!

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    excellent report, the map really sells the vacation vibe 🙂

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    Good start, Commander!

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    Out of the gate! Nice!

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    off to a good start 😀

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    Great first report

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    First blood to nomads!

  • Tristan228 says:

    Thanks a lot Commander!
    We just had that game spontaneously arranged for today’s morning 😀

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    Right into the action! I love it. Way to kick things off!