HUAQIAO: EERC - Akai inazuma!

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VS Combined Army

Gubel District, Huaqiao, Concilium Prima

Journal entry – 597 22:26

I´ll say this once… I hate those shasvastii bugs! I know we are supposed to consider them allies now, and supposedly they are to help stabilize the shit storm the other spiral guys unleashed but I still cant get over their sneaky, beady red eyes.

After the incident with the hassasin team on block 9A I was on edge and my armour still itching for a proper fight so we kept running a long patrol. It wasn´t long until the aragoto team reported some strange energy readings, coming from the research facilities water distribution center. After having my trusty assistant Naoki run some analysis on the data burst I could only mean one thing: Shasvastii infiltrators!

I deployed my remote support on the roof of the two buildings covering our approach and personally move up swimming trough the canals.
There didn´t seem to be much problem in the area, just a couple of lost drone remotes and other two operatives, but being a veteran of the Durgama conflict I immediately recognized that what you can see is just a tiny fraction of what you'll be soon facing when fighting the sneaky bugs.

Like my sensei used to say, the best way to deal with an ambush is always spring the trap on your terms. Laying some covering smoke, the aragoto squad quickly closed with the CA remotes, led by the Black Death on the right and the Ronin on the left.

Sure enough several shapes started moving into panicked action, amongst which were two Calibans, a Shrouded figure and a Sphinx! Finally a worthy opponent!

What followed was a brutal firefight. While the remotes on both sides exchanged high caliber and missile fire, I engaged the enemy TAG face to face.
On each flank the aragoto heroes drew their close combat weapons and made for the enemy infiltrators.

Finally I roasted the Shrouded and a rocket launcher equipped Gwailos and after some cat-n-mouse
cut down their KeyOps with my katana.

Another bright sunrise for the Akai inazuma!

Rikugun-Chūsa NAGAMINE Kazuki, O-Yoroi pilot.

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