Welcome to Panorama, your trusted source for news from throughout the Human Sphere. I’m  Lydia Vasquez coming to you live from Studio B in Portobello Acontecimento, bringing you the latest breaking news about the ongoing situation on Concilium Prima. 

Our top stories tonight.

Popular Montalban Holiday Resort Reports Temporary Closure 

The Enchanted Oasis Retreat, popular holiday destination for the rich and famous in Montalban have announced that they are closing temporarily due to disruptions from local wildlife. 

The unusual activity of local fauna appears to be related to disruptions caused by the nearby QAZ to the local environment and several other resorts in the area have also announced their intention to close temporarily until the disruptions are resolved. 

The management of Enchanted Oasis have sent us this Press Release. 

To Our Valued Guests,
Subject: Temporary Closure Due to Wildlife Issues

We hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. We extend our warmest gratitude for your support and patronage at The Enchanted Oasis Retreat. It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you of the temporary closure of our beloved retreat due to unforeseen wildlife challenges.

In recent weeks, we have been faced with a unique and complex issue involving invasive animals, particularly wild dogs and alligators, that have made it necessary to temporarily close our sanctuary. The safety and well-being of our guests have always been our utmost priority, and we want to ensure that our beloved retreat remains a place of wonder, relaxation, and tranquility.

The Wildlife Challenge:

Wild dogs – which are not native to our pristine rainforest, have become a concern as they have shown signs of becoming more aggressive and territorial in the vicinity of our retreat. Additionally, alligators, who have recently been spotted in the beachfront surrounding our property, have created concerns for the safety of our guests and staff. While we respect the presence of wildlife and have taken extensive measures to coexist harmoniously with our surroundings, these issues have escalated beyond what we can safely manage without temporarily closing our doors.

Our Commitment to Your Safety

We want to assure you that this closure is not taken lightly, and we are working diligently to address the situation promptly and effectively. Our dedicated team of wildlife experts, in collaboration with local authorities, is implementing a comprehensive plan to manage and relocate the invasive animals safely and in an environmentally responsible manner.

What to Expect:

We understand that this news may disrupt your plans, and for that, we deeply apologize. We are committed to keeping you informed of our progress and hope to reopen our doors as soon as the safety of our guests and the integrity of our retreat can be fully restored

During this temporary closure, we will be assisting our guests in rescheduling their reservations or facilitating refunds, as needed. Our team will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and we are committed to making this process as smooth as possible for you.
Stay Connected:We will keep you updated on our progress and will notify you promptly regarding the reopening of The Enchanted Oasis Retreat.

We are genuinely grateful for your understanding and patience during this challenging time.

Thank you for being a part of our Enchanted Oasis family. We look forward to welcoming you back to our retreat once we have resolved these wildlife concerns and can once again provide the extraordinary experience you expect from us.

Signed:  Mokele-mbembe , Enchanted Oasis General Manager

Unlicensed Maritime Patrols Operating in Okolnir

Reports are coming in about unlicensed Ariadnan maritime patrols operating in the Okolnir region with visitors to the area reporting they have been confronted by individuals in small water craft offering “Maritime Rescue” and “Harbor Security Services”  often for exorbitant up front fees.

Furthermore when payment is not immediately provided, items are often removed from the victims possession as “Contraband”. In one case this was reported to include an entire liquor cabinet pried off the deck of a pleasure yacht belonging to a visiting Yu-Jing dignitary. 

These individuals are described as wearing distinctive orange life preservers featuring an anchor logo and all seem to speak with heavy Tartary accents. We have reached out to local Ariadna representatives in the region but have not yet received a reply.  

The local licensed maritime services have sent us this statement.

On Behalf of the Neo-Canberran Maritime Rescue and Lifeguarding Services

It has come to our attention that there are reports of Ariadnan citizens conducting patrols of Okolnir’s waterways and beaches “assuring” your maritime safety

Please do not humor these individuals as they have no training or experience in such matters. Neo-Canberran Maritime Rescue patrols will continue

All members of these Rescue patrols are experienced Scu-ball players and have spent a life time on the water and are highly skilled and recertify their qualifications every 6 month

The Neo-Canberran Maritime Rescue team is also being led by none other than Bobbie “Blue” Morton (The partner of Maximus, the Hexadome legend).

Your safety is our highest priority. Patrols at Okolnir and Montalban will continue despite these disruptions by unprofessional elements in our area

Yours respectfully the Neo-Canberran Rescue Team,​

Tohaa Representatives Plead For Clemency

Since the Human Sphere was rocked by the apparent betrayal of the Tohaa backed mercenary unit the Spiral Corps, the difficulties faced by Tohaa unaffiliated with the traitorous mercenary company has been little discussed in the Maya feeds. 

A recent report sent to us by a member of the Tohaa Trident Commanders operating on Concilium Prima has highlighted for us their plight in this new and difficult reality we all find ourselves in. 

If there is one thing to be said about the Tohaa’s presence in this theater, it is that we are simply fighting to survive. Our people have been refugees in the Human Sphere since the collapse of the Daedalus Gate, and have been fighting and dying alongside our human allies in the face of the onslaught of the Combined Army throughout the Sphere. 

Our people have been decimated, and now, due to the ill advised decision by O-12 to place the trust and safety of a device of unimaginable power into the hands of a mercenary force, and subsequent denunciation of said mercenaries, our people have become the targets of hostility from every side. 

We are aiding with the humanitarian evacuation efforts in Edda as well as other QAZs, but with the hatred and mistrust stirred up by O-12’s declaration, we do not know how effective our troops can be in that role. Further, with the quick capitulation to the Combined Army despite protests from its member nations, I see little chance that our faith in the governing body of the Sphere will ever be repaired.

Naami MuuKar
Tohaa Diplomatic Corps
Delivered through
Authorized Chaksa Representative

It would be remiss of us to associate all members of the Tohaa with the actions of the Spiral Corps, indeed several of our colleagues here at Panorama and reporting for us in the field are Tohaa or Chaksa. We at Panorama would like to take this opportunity to reassure our Tohaa and Chaksa friends that we are aware of their plight and that they will always be welcome on Panorama. 

Tohaa Glam Metal Group “Symbiobomb” to tour Concilium & release charity compilation album 

Tohaa Glam Metal legends “Symbiobomb” have announced that they will be re-releasing their chart topping album “The Neon Beast” in order to raise funds for Tohaa and Chaska displaced by the recent events in the Human Sphere. 

This special edition album will feature a compilation of the group’s most famous hit songs along with contributions from other famous bands and performers from across the spectrum of sound including classic Nomad crooners “The Mamas & the Pupniks”, heavy metal icons “Full Moon’s Dead” and the enigmatic “Fiday Mercury” who has come out of semi-retirement especially for this album.  

All proceeds from the album will go towards “Habitat for Non-Humans” a charity dedicated to securing safe and biologically suitable  locations for displaced non-human entities. 

What’s more the band have announced that they will play a number of gigs on Concilium itself in what’s being dubbed “The End of the Sphere as We Know it” tour.

Dates and locations have yet to be announced but tickets are expected to sell out fast.  

Symbiobomb’s manager Hotwerth Perzan kindly sent us this press release about the bands upcoming tour.   

In the realm of celestial harmonies and otherworldly rhythms, the enigmatic Tohaa Glam Metal band Symbiobomb, embarks on an audacious tour, transcending the boundaries of mere music as they navigate the precipice of Concilium Prima, just as the end of reality itself looms ominously on the horizon. 

These larger-than-life virtuosos are led by the cosmic guitar wizardry of Neema, whose strings channel the very essence of distant constellations. Beeo Ncee, a siren of unparalleled allure, commands the stage with her ethereal voice, a beacon of seduction and power that defies the universe’s constraints. Her celestial counterpart, Maskuu Taan, unleashes guttural growls that resonate with the cosmic forces themselves, a shamanic channel to the chaotic energies of the galactic unknown. The relentless cosmic pulse of the band is maintained by the rhythmic mastery of Rassa Iii, whose drumming echoes through dimensions, and Suuk Uee, the bass sorceress whose strings reverberate with the heartbeat of distant galaxies. And then there is Noonne Nee, the cosmic muse, her guitar chords a cosmic symphony, conjuring nebulous landscapes with every stroke. 

Together this Tohaa Glam Metal ensemble is more than a band; they are celestial messengers, spreading their mythic tales and cosmic soundscapes as they dance on the precipice of impending chaos, daring the very stars to witness their larger-than-life defiance of the end of the universe as we know it.  They are Symbiobomb! 

Symbiobomb manager Hotwerth Perzan

That’s our news for tonight, for Panorama I’m Lydia Vasquez, goodnight.