Vacation Plans Thwarted

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Mentor Rasht’s Report:

As my forces and I prepared for a lovely vacation in the Lorena region we were once again besieged by the fiends of ALEPH. The struck first and without provocation! My troopers scrambled into position and soon battle was begun. Immediately the foe launched an assisted fire program on its Rudra in order to increase its killing capabilities, within a civilian airport! The Rudra advanced until it could see our Gwailo operative and opened fire knocking the brave soldier unconscious. One if its camouflaged units moved up and managed to avoid discovery by my E-Drone. Their Shukra Consultant then moved into the Launch Tower to try and ensure none of our troops could peacefully exit the field. Then the Mk IV proxy body moved into view and engaged in a shoot out with our HMG Nox taking a wound before its fire was able to force my Nox to take cover in a nearby building. Lamedh Rebots moved forward forward. Assisted Fire was dropped for Fairy Dust on Remotes. The Rudra then dropped into suppressive fire.

My E-Drone then activated Controlled Jump protocols in order to bring more support to this unexpected battlefield. The first of my Cadmus to drop in did so near the enemy lines. A nearby Lamedh alerted its allies to its presence while the Mk IV shot its decoy pod. The Cadmus proceeded to chest mine the Mk IV to no avail and its nanopulsar was likewise ineffective. The Lamedh was able to flash pulse him and through its repeater a targeted status was placed on the Cadmus. A second Cadmus then combat jumped into the fray on the opposite end of the battlefield. Its presence was alerted as well and the Rudra changed position to face him. The Nox HMG trooper took aim once again at the Mk IV and was successful in killing her. The Fireteam then advanced towards the ID terminal in order to prepare their departure. The first hacker succeeded while the second needed two attempts. Then the paramedics were successful in getting their IDs. A Seed Soldier popped out of its pod but was stunned causing its shot to miss. A second Seed Soldier Popped out and was able to hit a Lamedh with a panzerfaust shot knocking it unconscious. It continues on by shooting the other Lamedh unconscious with its combi-rifle.

The enemy’s Sophotect advances and brings one of the Lamedhs back to functionality. Then the Danavas Hacker spotlights the nearest Cadmus then immobilizes and isolates it. The Rudra then kills him and resists the flash pulse from an Ikadron. The Rudra fires on the Ikadron and knocks it unconscious level 2. The Rudra then directed its fire at a Seed Soldier who heroically withstood the vandal’s hate. Then the Dakini Fireteam moved in and fire upon the innocent E-Drone who is knocked into unconscious level 2. The Dakinis continue their advance. The Rudra shoots at the Seed Soldier, who is only trying to go on vacation, but the armor holds. The Rudra then deployed hidden equipment into the launch tower – a space used by civilians.

The Seed Soldier who had withstood the Rudra revived the Gwailo who proceeded to go on a vengeful crusade against the ALEPH forces. The Gwailo shoots a Dakini and the Rudra down into unconsciousness but its taken out by a mine. The Seed Soldier then fires again against a revived Lamedh Rebot and knocks it back into unconsciousness. The Seed Soldier attempts to revive the Gwailo but its wounds were too severe and he dies instead. The Nox fireteams moves up and the hacker attempts to do a datascan but fails as the paramedic is shot to death. They repeat the procedure and the datascan succeeds but the hacker is killed. They attempt to shoot the Shukra but the shots are nullified. The paramedic goes into Suppressive Fire. And the HMG shoots the Shukra unconscious.

The Sophotec goes on an admittedly heroic run and revives the Shukra and a Dakini. The Danavas runs forward and grabs and ID card and is then extracted out of the zone. The camouflaged trooper runs forward and shoots a Seed Soldier into unconsciousness. They perform a scan and discover my hideout!

My forces with IDs make a mad dash to the extraction point and a Nox Hacker and Seed Soldier paramedic are able to escape. I advance upon the revealed Mk II proxy body and knock her out to secure my own exit.

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