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Alright! One last stab at Lorena before the campaign closes, one last desperate attempt at putting points where I'm supposed to. I mean, I didn't, but it was important to try, I suppose. And while I didn't win, I at least had the satisfaction of playing through a game that went -really weird-.

I gotta take better photos. And paint these, I suppose.
The opposition! Glisteney.

I re-used what I had thought was the list that actually got me a victory earlier in the campaign, but which in retrospect might not have been. Regardless - I quickly saw the folly of shoving the ProBots into a different group, as I had -just- too few orders to get one off the board, leaving it stranded behind some buildings near the airport.

There were only a few skirmishers nearby, but Hippolyta took care of them.
At some cost.
I've been trying to get out of the habit of taking active Lieutenants, but I had mine take a jog across the board to get a sensor scan on their HVT for a Secret Objective.
Right, Avatar gets a go. Probot dead, Penthesilea dead, sniper dead, Atalanta de... What? She won the face-to-face!? And then the Avatar didn't save!?
Run, Deva Lieutenant, run! I was hoping to have him get into position to shoot the Ekodron in the back and bait the overwatching Charontid and Umbra into turning around. They did, but...
Not enough, and the resulting gunfight with Spitfire Deva did not go in my favour.
An Umbra swung by to clear out my own back lines.
We managed to get rid of that Ekodron and mine the airport, but the Naga was shot by the Chorontid - and so the game ended with three moving toy soldiers on the board with the only objectives being Secret Card versus Killed More Specialists.

So that's that! I'm not going to say that my constant rinsing wasn't a -little- frustrating at times, but I'm always happy to play Infinity with thepoorman and Razors_Edge, and always happy to participate in these campaigns. Next time, I'll have painted miniatures, and hopefully the energy to put a little more narrative into my reports, so, I shall look forward to it. Until next time!

One last go at using thepoorman's pets to fish for Commendations.

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