As if we were called to the headmaster

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VS Combined Army
Dom aka. Bardiel

"Team! We got called ti a hearing concerning our involuntarily engagement in Montalbán, Lady Councellor Numiria herself wants to hear about the Holiday Incident directly from us." Lt. Hademar was mildly annoyed by the fact he and the whole group involved had to travel to some musky office somewhere in Edda's intestines. He alone would've been enough since Lady Numiria and the other O-12 beaurocrats wouldn't hear anything other than the version all of the team agreed on. Yes, they fired the first shot (if this whole conflict) but that Feuerbach wielding Snowman was truly threatening especially considering the tropical environment!... but alas! Much ado for nothing!
"Whoa, look at that! It's all in shambles here. Lt. are we sure we took the right turn?", Special Constable Rincon concernedly asked shortly before a urgent notice popped up in Hademar's tactical commling warning him about potential hostile activity nearby. Followed by messages from Sister Andromachi and the Riot Grrl about visual contact with Morat Forces. They were ambushed!

This part of the Space Port still lies in shambles after a space ferry crash landed during the Combined Army's storm of the space gates

Surprising encounter

The ambushing apes from outer space formed a fireteam around their leader Kornak (Kaitok, Anyat, Surjat & first Dartok) on the theatre's left flank whilst another smaller team (Yaogat, Morat Paramedic, second Dartok) gathered in the middle section, the right flank was populated by some Hungries
Denma, the Vertigo and Uhahu prepared themselves for certain diplomatic encounters tohether with the Orphan Haris on the left flank. The middle was secured by Fiddler, her Jackbot and a Morlock whilst the Moderator team guearded the right flank together with the Daktari

Aggressive Ape Attack

The simian storm starte with the usual suspects running towards the Bakunian troops who were met with more or less successful defensive fire. This was followed by several Feuerbach barrages from the Kaitok against the Riot Grrl whilst the whole team advanced towards the Orphan Haris' position. The Grrl stood her ground depite taking a wound. Further high caliber bullets from the Katok against the Vostok only damaged the four-legged mini tank slightly.
Meanwhile the small shrewdness of space apes was set in motion in form of the Yaogat Sniper's futile attempt to harm the Grrl which ended in an unconcious alien on the ground.

This prompted the Morat paramedic to act with is MediKit and after a few tries the Yaogat was healed again but this monkey learned and thusly refrained from further aggressions against the Riot Grrl.

On the left flank then the Dartok prepared cyber combat arena by pitchon some repeaters next to Denma and the Orphan Haris which was followed by a unsuccessful attack from Kornak himself against the reverend Sister Andromachi. But by the blessing of Mother Mary herself the one recieving a wound was the leader of the Space Oni. Furthermore this attack got noticed by Denma who was able to dodge into the Fireteam's sight. Threatened by this the fireteam didn't act further

Having whole xeno-simian Fireteam in front of him Denma couldn't resist his battle instincts and went into contact with Anyat. This pompted the whole team to dodge which Denma used to destroy the two repeaters and to wound the Suryat. With the immediate hacking threat gone the Vostok was then able to advance behind Uhahu's white noise screen and to attack the Katiok without result. This attack was then followed by Fiddler's advance towards Kornak's fireteam. By means of the threatening capabilities her JackBot possesses Fiddler was able to take out the Kaitok, the Suryat and Kornak at first. Then she turned her attention towards the Daturazi covering Bran in the center killing the bewiched red Oni-Ape but got stunned by the Ikadron in return. After an intervention by the Daktari through her Zondbot Fiddler was again good to go and finished off the Ikadron and the Dartok with the help of her JackBot.

Now with almost no hindrances in his way Bran sprung into action by advancing towards the Morat's beacon and using the momentum to surprise the Yaogat with a well aimed salvo from his Boarding Shotgun sending the Space Oni back into the realm of no conciousness before grabbong the beacon and to retreat behind cover.

Meanwile, using the turmoil on the other flank as a distraction the other Daturazi was able to creep unnoticed by all but Sister Andromachi towards the Riot Grrl's position. But to the xeno-apes dismay the Riot Grrl just waited for him to get close enough for her pistol and thusly he got struck down without her hesitation.

Too few for a fight, too many for a flight

The Riot Grrl seals the deal with her Missile Launcher

Despite being heavily decimated the xeno-simian operatives didn't think of giving up yet.
The Preta had the battle awareness not to blindly storm right into the Grrl's Missile launcher but rather decided to die in a fireball sent by the Grrl whilst unavailingly trying to do Bran some harm.
Anyat tried her best get out of the melee with Denma but ended up just stalling both of them in that situation. The remaining Dartok then tried his best to eliminate Bran with his SMG but also their encounter ended without consequences. Meanwhile the previously unconcious Yaogat felt the consequences of over-medication as he died after another remote Medikit use on him.

Denma still entangled with Anyat used his Heavy Pistols to send the Morat operative to a place of no conciousness. Which then gets used by Uhahu to gather a bit more intel on the Space Oni by spotlighting her.
Meanwhile Bran jogged with the enemy beacon in his arms, through the sparse counterfire of the remaining Morats, behind friendly lines staying unscathed.

Those two remaining Morat warriors then decided that their better future might be becoming renegades than to meet the other consequences so they vanished from the theatre, leaving the lonely Ikadron behind.

In game terms: due to Bardiel's bad luck to be 2 VP above the Retreat! threshold in his second Turn this opened the third Round which resulted in a 10:0 OP and 294:46 VP win for the Bakunians.

Guess who's coming late?

"I guess you couldn't make it here earlier because you had to polish your gold trim first" Sister Andromachi mockingly replied to the barrage of questions coming from the Bluecoat leading the O-12 detacment that just arrived after the Morats left head over heels. Due to her fierce appearance she was just the best person to handle such situations "Better ask the Sr. de Castro over there he got their beacon. I guess we're free to go now? There are actually people with way more golden tassles on their shoulders than you waiting for us, we'll send you our detailed report but over there you might find something interesting: Anyat herself. Have a good day Sir."

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