Hectooooooooor - the Trauma

VS O-12
Lady Numiria

O-12 delegation in Montalbán. Reason: Holiday Incident
During visit Nomads want to show badly managed labs. Furthermore Hademar's Taskforce needs to be interviewed about the occurences at the Space Port. But due to a suspected xeno-Monkey Pox infection (he very likely contracted during the latest xeno-Simian Encounter) Bran, the main attestor, had be quarantined in the High Command's lazaretto; and thusly couldn't get inteviewed.

Alarms blare. "Commissioner Numiria, as you might've gotten aware by now there's some incident happening. Again. The twelveteenth time actually" Maj. Hademar eye-rollingly explained the situation whilst donning the HazMat gear.

I'm terribly sorry but with only one miute left I wasn't able to get the narrative intro text fully written! But the prompt might be enough to get the feeling :)

Sudden Approach

Starmada's troops assembled their remotes in contact with the SafeSpots™, on the left flank accompanied by the Raptor in the middle the Kappa Fieteam flocked together on the ground level whilst Hector's Haris assembled on the upperlevel, together with the single Varangian
Denma, the EVO-Salyut and the Daktari (who should've been Avicenna) were positioned on the lefthnd flank, Uhahu, Fiddler, the Morlock and the Orphan Haris in the middle and on the righthand flank the Riot Grrl with the vertigo and the Moderators

Someone set up a tent...

"With smoke comes fire" goes a common saying (thi pink smoke was a critical smoke BTW).

Like an oiled lightning the Varangian leaped forward reaching the Panic Room whilst yelling something no one could understand something like "Aaahm, the faarstest!"

Hector's haris advanced towards the Panic Room avoiding harm by dodging the Grrl's Missiles, the Kappa fireteam then tried the same but with no success all but the hacker died, one of them was actually Cho. The Raveneye officer who stayed at the gound level then advanced alone further to the center.

Nothing suspicious behind the police lines

The raptor uses the lack of defenses to his advantage and advances from his position at the lefthand SafeSpot™ intothe Panic Room whilst being Cybermasked. Hector then decided to secure the room together with the Nyoka FO by preparing for suppressive fire.

Morlock (MOV 8-4) and Denma (+3 PH) advance. The Morloc tried to discover the Devabot in order to give the Riot Grrl a better Target for her Misile Launcher but failed and died. The Grrl then acted on her own aiming for the coverless Hector but got killed by a barrage of plasma Hits.

After the Riot Grrl's sudden and unexpected death Fiddler starts an unsuccessful rampage with her Jackbot

[ E R R O R ] The datafiles cannot be accessed. [ E R R O R ]

It's getting crowded in here...

Then, in order to get at least some degree of control over the Panic Room, the Orphan Haris acts: Vostok in room, gets dodged on. Moira discovers Raptor.

On the ground level Uhahu acts: pitcher, several hacking attempts against Hector, Bronze and the eventually discovered Raptor. The Raptor first got Isolated which was followed by an immobilization whilst fiddler managed to get into the Panic Room

... and the Tent becomes a Camp

The Varangian launched his attack against fiddler and the Haris which caused the Moira to die in the shrapnels whilst Fiddler was able to immobilize the ariadnan Henchmanthe survivors then were able to attack and even once wound Hecktor as the pastic-Hellene mowed the Vostok down in a melee attack. Additionally he got isolted by the efforts of Uhahu and the Moderator Hacker. after that a deadly dance between Fiddler and the Orphan against the Bronze started which was eventually won by the O-12 operative.

The luck of the topless Irish: succumbing to an explosive hit despite having more and better attacks

Denma advanced from his position through some smoke screens into the room, saw hector turning his back towards him and thusly chose a melee attack with his Heavy Pistols instead of a blind berserk run, hoping to aid the good cause. High goals were met with brutal explosive force as he got struck down by Hector.

Her Assault Pistol seems to be the analog Trinity (+1B) in Uhahu's hands. Usable against all enemies

Uhahu witnessing Denma's sudden demise sprung into action. In a rage she killed the Bronze with a single volley of her Assault Pistol did almost the same with the varngian who took his ancient oth by the letters an refused to die... yet. Uhahu even managed, after fruitless hacking, to get a bullet through Hector's armor, causing the Homerid bastin eventually the second wound whilst staying alive in the Panic Room.

the Camp stays but has no reception

Due to the fact that Hector was still isolated the Starmada detachment wasn't able to coordinate themselves properly thus only the Kappa hacker tried to advance to the Panic Room. But in her lightheadedness she forgot the Vertigo's existence and was thusly not able to evade the Remote's deadly Missile strike. Also the Raptor tried to Reset his servo driven armor but just got targeted by Uhahu. Hector did what he did before and relentlessly killed Uhahu.

Lt. Hademar on his way to glory, or his death

Observing the valuable troopers under his command succumb to the Homeridae's impenetrable defense he saw no other option, after ordering the Vertigo to kill the Raptor by the proven Missile strike, than to act like a true leader from the front row. Therefore he lept through the Window in front of him through the brackish water. After sneaking through the opponent missile bot's sight he remembered his long unused parkour skills and jumped through the passageway's window, glancing Hector's Nanopulser. Now with the abominable plastic-Hellene dead center his crosshairs the chances of securing the Panic Room at last were closer than ever. But the only thing he could see was a ball of plasma whilst the one bullet hitting effectlessly ricocheted off of Hector's amour (game terms here: Moderator rolled 1, 19, 20, Hector a 5...).
At least the Moderator Hacker was further able to advance out of the contamination's deadly clasp.

Thusly Lady Numiria won the game 10 : 2 with 104 : 59 VP

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Lady Numiria


  • Teddy says:

    Nice report commander.

  • SpeculaKilla says:

    Nice job getting this one in under the wire! Still a sweet report!

  • Anaxandrides says:

    Good to see Hector doing his thing.

  • Tristan228 says:

    Dear High Commissioner Lady Numiria,

    you’re implying that Hector himself illegally modified his armour by manually applying bacon grease to his gear?! This is, according to the O-12 Force’s “Handbook For Battle Garments And Amour Plating”, a drastic violation of the dress code imposed on the O-12 forces!
    § 129a “individual changes to the surface finish of armour may only be made with the express permission of the advisory body for external presentation (Bureau Trimurti)”.
    § 371c “lubricants (greases, oils …) shall remain in the hinges and joints of the armour and shall be removed immediately from the other surfaces by appropriate means (§419ff)”.

    A unit that has been placed under your personal command should pay the utmost attention to compliance with the applicable regulations.


    Cmdr. Tristan228

  • Mandrake says:

    Cool report 🙂

  • Lady Numiria says:

    You just witnessed the true power of Hector when he doesn’t scratch his back and is fed with good premium quality Bacon. Thank you for your cooperation citizen of the Sphere!

    Lady Numiria,
    O-12 High Commissioner,
    Edda Defense Front Commission

  • uberbranchez says:

    Good report commander, good attempt at preventing O-12 from mudding the waters around your pilots! Gotta bring the ruckus better next time!

  • Tristan228 says:

    thank you a lot 🙂

  • Wizzy says:

    ヾ(*▼・▼)ノ⌒☆ Nice report, good luck for next one.