Greetings commanders and congratulations again to you all on a very successful Shattergrounds Campaign.

With the conclusion of  Phase 2  we’ve once again  collected more of our favorite Battle Reports submitted by you the players. We previously gave you a selection of our favorite reports from Phase 2 and now we’ll conclude our list with a few more of your fantastic reports.    

These reports stood out to us for their use of interesting narrative, great tables, amazing minis, quality writeups and overall quality production.      

Remember that if your favorite report isn’t here don’t worry, we couldn’t possibly cover them all and your own high review ratings in the campaign system count far more than our opinions here.

We’ll start with a report from O-12 commander Obyiscus and their Combined Army opponent  Carter who fought a 300m point battle at Bhai. This report provided a great running narrative of the battle and showcased some beautifully painted miniatures. 

Next up is a bilingual report from Nomads commander Chainer versus Combined Army commander Ar4mis. We liked this this battle was presented fully in both English and Spanish, we also liked the comic book style photos of the game in action. 

Another great set of reports from Haqqislam commander Danger Rose, first playing Combined Army commander Honumon and then Nomads commander KittyRock in battles that continued the ongoing narrative that progressed through a series of linked games during the campaign. Some great photo editing work is on show here in both reports and as always Danger Rose puts the extra effort in with character art for the battles. Fantastic work commander.

A battle report from Maj Thomas Williams playing Ariadna against Swann playing O-12 which was fought at Olkonir. We liked this battle as it showcased a smaller 200 points game that was still very entertaining and the narrative was fun to read. Some nice filter work with the photos shown as well. 

Nomads commander WiseKensai once again goes all out with a brilliant report of their game against ALEPH commander sprocketgx. This report is once again presented beautifully and so much of the community narrative developed by the players is incorporated into it including community designed patches and adverts. The report structure is executed beautifully and the accompanying photos make the game very easy to follow. Another top notch report from WiseKensai that ranks amongst the best reports from the campaign.

Another set of reports in the continuing series “Diaries of a CSU” from Nomads commander Razek2648 who played Ariadna commander JamesPrime in both of these episodes. An amazingly well written and engaging set of narratives once again chronicling the adventures of  CSU Larry who started out as a throwaway character but has now developed into a fully formed protagonist with a deep and complicated lore. We look forward to reading more episodes in the future. 

Another narrative report this time the conclusion to a Cyberpunk love story from Nomads commander Desanges and their opponent PanOceania commander PersonalUser. Continuing a narrative that came straight out of the lore the community developed during the campaign this report is a pleasure to read and finishes off a great story. Fantastic work Desanges.

A report from a battle played on a unique looking table from Nomads commander Tcional and  Yu Jing commander 0l4f. What stood out for us the most in this report was the effort put into the table and how well it matched the location the battle was fought in. Making your tables fit the location can be challenging given that many of them were fought in coastal areas but these players really nailed it with their setup, well done!

We like to pick out interesting looking reports from the community and these three certainly tick that box. Presenting a trio of reports from Tohaa commander Jager Nadim, first against O-12 commander Misderrektion and then against O-12 commander Randomcallsign which were presented in the form of a narrative reports with pictures that look like hand drawn pencil sketches as well as an actual pencil sketched drawing at the start of two reports. Beautiful work Jager Nadim and we hope to read more of your Case File reports in the future

That’s unfortunately all the Phase 2 reports we have for you for now. We’ve probably missed some amazing reports in our trawl through the hundreds of reports submitted in both Phase 1 & Phase 2 but you can help us by highlighting and linking your favorite reports in the comments below. 

A full narrative breakdown of the Shattergrounds Campaign is in the works and we hope to have this finished and presented to you in the near future. In the meantime a huge thank you to all the commanders who took part in this campaign, your games, stories and even the memes have been the highlights of this event and will go on to shape the ever evolving story of the Human Sphere in Infinity. 

Until next time Commanders, Goodbye and Stay Connected.