You thought we forgot, but we didn’t! 

With the conclusion of  Shattergrounds Phase 1 we collected more of our favorite Battle Reports submitted by you the players. Featuring beautiful tables, excellent writing, funny moments, colorful vistas and even entire Noire productions, here is a list of our standout reports from the second half of Phase 1. 

Remember that if your favorite report isn’t here don’t worry, we can’t possibly cover them all and your own high review ratings in the campaign system count far more than our opinions here.

Legendary Warcor Mango is still said to be out somewhere in the Sphere hunting his next story.

Jager Nadim never fails to deliver with his characteristic Noire investigative reports. These three reports chart his latest investigations and are well worth a read.

“They tore the beast hunter apart like a soft bread at a duck pond” a line that can only come from the finest pulp novels.

Then we have Desanges narrating a story that could only come from the Bakunin Mothership. 

Will Ellie be saved?

WiseKensai skillfully connects the plots to save the Pilots in his Sandcastle narration series.

How many pilots can be saved?

Munin provides a couple of visually stunning reports.

Excellent idea on the pre and post battle portraits.

MJGrey provides a couple of novelized reports

Well worth reading Mira’s adventures.

Yue Fei gives us a couple of visually stunning reports

Serving the state empire with utmost loyalty and honor.

Jenian Katarn showed us an report on an interesting table

Naval docks are such stunning and challenging environments to play in!

Old Swine Lee shows us a game with his finely painted force

Love when players go for their own theme!

FAST PANDA GAMING TheClaw and Stormshroud give us a stunning linked report.

Well worth watching the video

Speaking of linked reports, Takezo and Nikopano give us these excellent reports.

It is nice to see both players and their perspectives on the same battle.

Coldpzza and King_of_Giraffe give us another set of linked reports.

Uthoroc, Serrionavyr, Fuwafuwaru, DeliverThisDough and Maj Thomas Williams give us these  reports with visually stunning battlefields.

Some great ideas and layouts!

Wizzy and CrazyKoala give us reports with artistic commentary!

nullpointer, gravitypool and Obyiscus give us these highly detailed battle reports.

Going back to narrative reports theGricks gives us a couple of excellent examples.

And last but not least Neon asks the question that’s bound to be on the minds of many after the armistice with the Combined Army. When you are saved by the Shasvastii and sent back, can you trust you are yourself?

That’s all the reports we have time for right now, again we’ve probably missed a few brilliant reports in our review but that’s where you can help us by linking your favorite reports in the comments below.  

The end of Phase 2 and the entire online campaign  is fast approaching and there is still all to play for before the campaign ends. Lookout for more of our favorite battle reports from Phase 2 to be highlighted again in the near future.